Oak Available

A neighbor of mine took down a very large oak last week. Most of the straight stuff was taken for milling into boards but there appears to be quite a bit left that would be good for turning. It varies in diameter from 4 to 24 inches. I saw only a few pieces that seemed to have any decay. The wood is located in North Corvallis. If anyone wants the owner's phone number and/or email address, please contact me. - Arnie

Lilac Available

"A few days ago I had most of a very large lilac "tree" cut down, since it got rather squashed in the snow, and also it had developed some disease, whereby the flowers would quickly dry up and die. I've heard that disease (I can't remember what it's called) is almost impossible to eradicate. There is some new growth that looks much better, so I saved that."

"I have 6-8 good-sized chunks, with around three of them about 4' long and 3" or so in diameter. The two branches in the photo are around 4" in diameter for one, and 3-1/2" for the other. It's a foot or so long, and the other end (which was a bit below the dirt level) is around 5" x 8". If anyone would be interested in them, I'll get a photo of all of them."

"The day after they were cut, I painted a thick layer of soy wax on the ends. In reading online about lilac, it seems to be notorious for splitting. Gorgeous wood, though. All the pieces seem to have that purplish center like the photo."

"If anyone could use these, I'd be most happy for them to find a new home. I hated to see them go to waste, if they could be used. I'm in Eugene, near Spencer Butte."

If anyone wants the owner's email address, please contact me. - Arnie

Holly Available

Finally, club member Sam Lee has some freshly cut holly if anyone wants some.

If anyone wants Sam's email address, please contact me. - Arnie

Meeting Location

The Beaver State Woodturners meet at Coburg Community Charter School, 91274 N Coburg Rd, Coburg, OR 97408.

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