February 2019           

February Meeting

The February meeting features Frank Blain presenting sanding and finishing. The meeting is February 28th, 6:00 PM, at the Coburg Charter School.

Follow this link for an interactive map to the meeting location.

Salturns for the Oregon Woodturning Symposium

Dick Worthey needs about 9 or 10 sets of Salturns by the next meeting to be donated to the Oregon Symposium. The links below show what they are and how to make them. Dick will be bringing a set he is making. They do not have to be fancy, but should be well turned and finished. Dick will collect them at the meeting. You do not need to glue in the cone bottom unless you bring them already filled. Salt and pepper salturns should be identifiable in some way, (choice of woods is one).

Terry Gerros Salturn demo (this opens a PDF file in a separate window)

American Woodturner, June 2011 (this link takes you to woodturner.org, where members can read a detailed article by Keith Gotschall in the June 2011 issue)

Notes from the January Meeting

January’s meeting was all about sharpening. The members divided up and rotated through a series of stations maned by four members of the club. Each member demonstrated their way to sharpen their tools with the system they had. Hopefully you had your questions answered as you rotated through the stations.

A few brief notes from the stations:

Eldon Richey uses a Tormec system:

Reed Gray uses the CBN wheels and "Robo Rest"

Jack Dunham

Dick Worthey

Hopefully you all learned something that you can put to use. Please follow up with the member showing your style of sharpener to reiterate a process or assist you in setting up your system to allow you to sharpen correctly or faster and create a better edge.

Upcoming Events

February 28, 2019; 6:00 PM, Coburg Community Charter School, Coburg - Beaver State Woodturners

Frank Blain - "Sanding and Finishing"

March 15 - 17, 2019; Linn County Expo Center, Albany - Oregon Woodturning Symposium

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