July 2019           

July Meeting

The July meeting features Richard Worthey demonstrating Hollow Forms. The meeting is July 25th, 6:00 PM, at the Coburg Charter School.

Follow this link for an interactive map to the meeting location.

Notes from the June Meeting

Juneís presenter was Nick Stagg from Salem, a member of the Willamette Valley turners, and a well-known turner throughout the country. His presentation was about "Turning a Simple Bowl". Of course it's not that simple for the majority of us. Nick demonstrated the turning techniques using a special 40/40 grind on his gouge. Nick explained the different angles the tools are ground and the force that is required to move the tool through the material, coming to the conclusion a 40/40 grind works most efficiently. The tip cuts smooth and clean, the wing scrapes and removes a good deal of material at the same time. The big thing, thereís no down pressure on the gouge. (Please note, Nick grinds off the heel to allow smoother transitions).

Nick's talking points:



Nick also demonstrated how to grind the 40/40 angles and recommended a video from Eric Lofstrom on YouTube for more information.

Thank you so much to Nick. Letís turn a bowl!

Nick's bio

Nick Stagg has been turning since 2003.

Wood has always been a part of his life; heís made farm buildings, furniture and started turning at the end of 2003 to make Christmas presents for the family.†

The lathe dominates his free time and he gives lessons, teaches, and gives woodturning demonstrations.† He started out making lidded boxes using a $75 yard sale mono tube lathe, without a chuck, poor tools and no skills. Nick said, "For those first three years I really struggled and never thought I was making any progress, but thereís no substitute for standing in front of the lathe and persevering!"

Nick specializes in teaching turning techniques. When he demonstrates heíd rather teach the skills to make a piece so that those in attendance have time to watch and ask questions. "Iíd like them to be able to home and make one, thatís the biggest gratification I could receive.Ē"

To quote Nick, "My aim is to cut the wood as cleanly as possible in the easiest manner so that sanding and distortion of the finished piece is kept to a minimum. Skill building techniques are the essential building blocks of becoming a proficient woodturner. Turning is a very easy skill to learn if itís taught correctly. I enjoy sharing the skills I have with other turners."

Nick turns everything; lidded boxes, hollow forms, all kinds of bowls, and an array of treen.

Upcoming Events

July 25, 2019; 6:00 PM, Coburg Community Charter School, Coburg - Beaver State Woodturners

Richard Worthey - "Hollow Forms"

August 22, 2019; 6:00 PM, Coburg Community Charter School, Coburg - Beaver State Woodturners

Annual Potluck Pinic

September 26, 2019; 6:00 PM, Coburg Community Charter School, Coburg - Beaver State Woodturners

Jim Norris - "Turning a Pumpkin"

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